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The IPRS is pleased to present our IPRS PRISM Summit 2024 and invites you to participate in this much-awaited industry event. Following the successful inaugural event in 2022, the Summit has established itself as an excellent opportunity to learn from the best and build invaluable industry relationships.

Themed "PR: The Inside Out Perspective" IPRS PRISM Summit 2024 will be held on Thursday 24th October 2024, 08:30am to 2:30pm at the One Farrer Hotel, Ballroom 1.

We are going behind the scenes to unpack strategy and learn how things are done - from ideation to implementation. The Summit this year shines the light on the best minds in our leaders and top practitioners as they share their insights on business and communications management.

There will be three pillars of focus: organisational leadership; communications strategy and social media engagement. Organisational success is built on our ability to gather and manage knowledge in response to the unique challenges of a highly social and connected world. The Summit covers a range of topics that impact our personal effectiveness and contributions to our teams.

What informs our decision making in a data-fuelled world ?

Can we ace the news-making game?

Is the PR practitioner always in the hot seat?

When does a trending viral become a runaway train for communicators?

Held biennially, the PRISM Summit 2024 promises to be an action-packed half-day event, featuring two Keynote Fireside Qs & As, two Panel Discussions and a networking lunch with a diverse community of business leaders and dynamic professionals across industries.

Join us at our IPRS PRISM Summit 2024 on 24th October 2024 as we look at Public Relations from the inside out!

Whether you are a business leader or owner seeking to understand the strategic thinking of PR and communications or a practitioner looking to develop capability, this Summit is for you.

IPRS welcomes you to sign up early and be a part of a vibrant summit. Please reach out to us at IPRS Secretariat: for further enquiries

Oct 24, 2024

09:00 - 14:00 GMT+8

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One Farrer Hotel
Ballroom 1
Farrer Park, Station Road 1, S(217562)


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Watch this space for more updates on our Speakers!

  • Abel Ang (Group CEO of Advanced MedTech)

    Abel Ang

    Group CEO of Advanced MedTech

  • Debra Soon (Group Head, Brand, Communications & Marketing at Singlife)

    Debra Soon

    Group Head, Brand, Communications & Marketing at Singlife

  • Kelvin Koh (Managing Director of Truescope)

    Kelvin Koh

    Managing Director of Truescope

  • Ross Gan (Chief Communications Officer at Bitdeer Group)

    Ross Gan

    Chief Communications Officer at Bitdeer Group

  • Keso Kendall (SVP, APAC at Team Lewis)

    Keso Kendall

    SVP, APAC at Team Lewis

  • Danny Tan (Managing Director of Grayling)

    Danny Tan

    Managing Director of Grayling

  • Clara Goh (External Communications Leader, Asia Pacific at WTW)

    Clara Goh

    External Communications Leader, Asia Pacific at WTW

  • Jeanie Lee (Director, Clients & Markets of KPMG in Singapore)

    Jeanie Lee

    Director, Clients & Markets of KPMG in Singapore

  • Juat Muay Koh (President at Institute of Public Relations Singapore)

    Juat Muay Koh

    President at Institute of Public Relations Singapore


  • Part One
    08:30 - 09:00Arrival, Registration And Breakfast
    09:00 - 09:10Opening, Welcome Address
    09:10 - 09:55Keynote One + Fireside Q&A - Decision Making In A Disruptive World. Meaningful Data and other meanderings.
    Synopsis: From the day-to-day to the transformational, decision making is the single most important task for an individual today. What informs our decision-making in a disruptive, data-fuelled world? How do we interpret research findings to steer strategic direction and implementation. How do we approach data in our attempt to make the right call? How do we decide what’s best?
    09:55 - 10:40Keynote Two + Fireside Q&A - CEO In The Spotlight: Brand Leadership In A Disruptive World
    Synopsis: How does a brand survive in a world of economic turbulence, technological advancements, and changing consumer behaviors? What does brand legacy mean and how is leadership defined in the social era that we live in now?
    10:40 - 10:55Coffee Break
    Part Two
    11:00 - 11:55Panel Discussion One: The Strategic PR Partner - Managing Vulnerable Touch Points From The Start
    Synopsis: The PR advisor is the vanguard for navigating the complex landscape (potentially landmines) of audience touch points from product deals to people relations. Organisational success in this interconnected world relies on proactive, pre-emptive action and vigilance in a highly transparent business environment. How do we manage communications company wide?
    11:55 - 12:55Panel Discussion Two: Control Or Containment - Crisis Communications In A Viral World
    Synopsis: Dominate or engage? The balance between controlling the narrative and containing fallout highlights the importance of responding effectively to situations influenced by public perception and personal beliefs on social media. How do we manage a viral, fast evolving crisis conversation?
    12:55 - 13:00Closing Remarks By IPRS
    13:00 - 14:25Networking Lunch


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